Masked On Buttons believe that along with the delivery of good art in the CNFT space, is the need to reward MOB holders, supporters, and collectors. Thus, the project also regularly releases limited NFT/FT artworks exclusive for holder airdrops, community event prizes, and giveaways.

MOB ADA Buttons

MOB ADA Buttons are fungible tokens given out to MOB Community during giveaways, competitions, and server quizzes. These tokens come with different rarities: Gold (10), Silver (30), Bronze (50), and Common (70), each of which has the respective values: 4, 3, 2, 1.

These buttons may either be valued as commemorative tokens, or used to redeem special tokens/rewards from MOB Core Team.

MOB Parasites NFT

MOB Parasites are exclusive 1:1 NFT airdrop to The 100 Origins holder after theĀ Lore Hunt drop. Following theĀ MOB Lore, these MOB Parasites are the true forms of The 100 Origins, as witnessed by The Forbidden One.

MOB Parasite (FT)

MOB Gold Parasites are fungible tokens (50 copies) given out as prizes to Lore Hunt winners, MOB first month milestone giveaway, and meme competition. Further, these tokens are redeemable using MOB ADA Buttons.