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Masked on Buttons is a community-driven lore NFT art project based on the Cardano blockchain.

Each collection progress and form part of a bigger MOB narrative.

As of the moment, two MOB collections have been released: The 100 Origins and The Lore Hunt. Meanwhile, MOB Ada Buttons and MOB Parasites were released exclusively for community airdrops and giveaways.

Both The 100 Origins and The Lore Hunt collections are sold out.

However. you can check out secondary markets like CNFT.io and Tokhun.io to get your own MOBs.

The 100 Origins:

MOB ADA Buttons:

MOB The Lore Hunt:

MOB Parasite NFT:

MOB Parasite FT:

You can check the rarity charts here; or through CNFT Tools.

The 100 Origins: https://cnft.tools/maskedonbuttonsorigins

The Lore Hunt: https://cnft.tools/mobthelorehunt